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'Let us do write by you.'

AHP specializes in Book Development Services. However, in our 10 years of helping others with editing of their written works and writing, we didn't want to completely get rid of these services, so they are provided on a limited basis. Our Book Consultants can assist and guide you through the book writing process. Whether you haven't started, don't know where to start or are completely finished. Through dialogue, a series of questions and thought-mapping we can help you get your book from your mind onto print.


Our Writers can help you express what you need to say through a biography or an 'About Me' page for your website, or social media accounts, etc. Our Editors will seek to find all of your writing mishaps in any written document to include: short stories, novels, business proposals, contracts, grants, or websites. Contact us today!

Writing Services
Editing & Proofreading Services
  • Freelance Writing (article write-up)

  • 1-page Biographies

  • 'About Me' Page for social media or website

  • Books

  • Websites

  • Magazines

  • Business Correspondence 

  • Inquire about other written works

Workshops for Groups
  • 'Let the Youth Speak' Writing Workshop for teens (90 mins.)

  • 'Let the Youth Speak' Writing Summit for teens (4 wks)

  • 'Book Writing 101' for adults

  • 'Journaling to Good Health' (learn how to write your way to health)

Book Development 
  • 'Where Do I Start?'

  • 'I'm Finished Writing, Now What?'

  • Total Book Development

  • Partial Book Development

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