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Blog Spotlight

April 30, 2020

Leah Roman, MPH, a Public Health Consultant herself out of Philadelphia highlights

Alisa Howard on her monthly blog where she helps transform public health professionals into entrepreneurs. Read the interview to get to know more about Alisa, and the advocacy work she does as a Consultant for Minority communities. 

Public Health Culture2.png

Podcast Interview

April 29, 2020

Public Health Culture interviews

Alisa Howard in a fun and engaging conversation. Listen in as the two public health professionals discuss public health policy, the health of minorities during COVID-19 and Alisa being a Community Health Worker Instructor, and how CHWs can be utilized during a pandemic. Click below to listen.


Podcast Interview

April 23, 2020

Bianca McCall, CEO of Desert Rose Counseling Group and Alisa Howard have a deep discussion about suicide prevention from, a public health; community action planning lens. They also speak openly about health equity, within the context of racial and cultural division, and a variation of other topics surrounding health and the Black community. Click below to listen.


Podcast Interview

February 18, 2020

Alisa Howard and Tasha Whitaker, two Community Health Workers and CHW Instructors chat about how they met through social media, the work they are both doing in their respective states as CHWs, These two have hosted a CHW networking event in Las Vegas since meeting and a virtual Hangout Sesh for CHW's during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click below to listen.

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