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Classes & Workshops

Minority Health Consultants’ List of Classes/Trainings/Services:

(All classes can be offered in group settings in the home or to staff or clients in an organization. Four or more participants are needed for each class. Prices will increase with ten or more participants)

                                                          ~Prices are subject to change~

1 Hour Class=$125          1.5 Hour Class=$175             Two Hour Class=$225


HIV 101 & Prevention/Early Intervention Class: (Option of: 1 or 2 hours, organization can choose). This class will focus on: What is HIV/AIDS? How is How Spread? How can I reduce my risk of getting HIV? What are the symptoms of HIV/AIDS?

Early Intervention: What is the Treatment for HIV? Can I live with HIV/AIDS? How can I stop the spread of HIV/AIDS?


Advocacy 101 for HIV Communities Training: (Option of: 1-2 hours, ½ day or full day)

Do you have a group of PLWH (People living with HIV) or affected members who desire to make a change in policy, in their city or state in regards to education, testing, laws, etc.? This training will teach your clients how to advocate for their rights or the rights of their loved ones.


•STD 101 & Prevention Class: (1 hour or can be combined with HIV class)- Learn the basics of Sexually Transmitted Diseases or a.k.a Sexually Transmitted Infections, the latest statistics, and how to prevent and protect against these diseases/infections.


•Journaling to Good Health Workshop: (Emotional Well Being & Self Care focused- 1-1.5 hours).

This class is great for an organization’s team-building day or to implement into a self-care day for any group, young or old. This class will focus on why journaling helps with one’s mental health, depression, stress management, etc., and what benefits it adds to one’s self- care routine. All participants receive a journal and will begin to practice this technique in class. *due to the purchasing of journals and pens, this class starts at $150 for up to 10 ppl


•Teen focused Classes: (HIV, STD, Healthy Relationships-1-2 hrs. organization

can choose length of time and subjects).

HIV and STD portion-explained above.

The Healthy Relationship part of this class will go over: What is a healthy relationship and what is not (friends and partners), Positive Body Image to include body shaming, and Self-Worth.


•Cultural Competence/Culturally Responsive Leadership & Understanding How Social Determinants of Health Effect Minority Health Training: (2 hours). This training is designed for all stakeholders who work with minority communities.


•How to Utilize Community Health Workers in Your Organization Training: (1.5-2 hours). This will be a strategic planning meeting set up between MHC and the leads of programs or heads of organizations that desire to implement Community Health Workers into their programming to assist with their scope of work. This can also be a strategic planning session to reorganize Community Health Workers within organizations to better utilize their skills.


•Coaching for Community Health Workers: Has your organization hired a Community Health Worker, and feel they need more one-on-one training in leadership, how to advocate for your clients, or how to communicate with the clients better? If so, we can help by setting up a training specific to meet your organizational needs.


•The Art & Science of Effective Case Management Training: (Option of: 1 full day training with 2 Instructors or ½ with 2 Trained Instructors). Pricing is different than above and can be discussed.


This training is designed for all stakeholders who have clients and case managers who manage those clients. This will train your case managers to become more effective in their job thus causing the client to be empowered and become self-sufficient.


•Optimal Communication Training/Transformational Leadership Training: (Option of: a 1-hour workshop, ½ day or full day with 1 Certified Instructor, Will Rucker). Pricing is different than above and can be discussed.


In this training Organizational and Group Leaders will learn how to Optimize your communication, empowering you to best convey your message, improve outcomes, support your mission and develop a culture that demonstrates care.

Transformational Leadership: Learn to develop, motivate, and inspire positive action without micromanaging.



Additional Services MHC Offers:


  • Public Health Program Development

  • Public Health Program Technical Assistance

  • Public Health Event Planning

  • Strategic Planning for HIV/STI Outreach and/or Testing Events


Writing & Editing

  • Public Health Program Policy & Procedures

  • Public Health Blogs, Newsletter & Articles

  • Content Marketing Editing

  • Editing & Proofreading of Public Health Grants

  • Public Health Program Curriculum Development


Community Connections -Connects stakeholders to minority community gatekeepers and/or other organizations that have similar initiatives to foster a collaborative conversation.




Minority Health Consultants’ List of Classes Offered by Contract for FREE to the Community

Families Talking Together: (Southern Nevada Health District’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program- Parent Intervention Class- 2.5-3-hour class).

Families Talking Together is a parent-based intervention to prevent and/or reduce sexual risk behavior among Latino and African American adolescents. The main components of the intervention are parent discussions with an interventionist and a family workbook designed to teach parents effective communication skills, build parent-adolescent relationships, help parents develop successful monitoring strategies, and teach adolescents assertiveness and refusal skills. The program can be delivered to parents either individually or in small group sessions, in a range of settings.

**Each parent will receive a family workbook and a $15 gift card after completion of the class - Minimum of 4 parents and maximum of 8 (no couples in the same class).


American Lung Association-Freedom From Smoking Clinic Training: (6-8 hour training for staff, leads of organizations, interns, etc.)


(8 week/1x per week class).

A Freedom From Smoking® Group Clinic will give your clients the knowledge and tools they need to overcome their tobacco addiction and quit smoking for good, so they can enjoy better health, extra money in their pocket and many other rewards. 


Over the course of eight sessions led by an expert facilitator, clinic participants work through the quitting process together. Eight weeks may sound like a lot of time but research has proven that the more time a tobacco user spends in a supportive situation while trying to quit, the more likely they are to succeed. People who use the Freedom From Smoking Group Clinic are six times more likely to be smoke free one year later than those who try to quit on their own.


**Organization may receive stipend depending on grant for hosting a clinic-Minimum of 4- maximum of 16 participants for each clinic.


•American Lung Association- Brief Intervention Training: (1-hour training-can be combined with Freedom From Smoking Training)

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