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This website is a compilation of creative endeavors that Alisa Howard is most passionate about, and has turned these passions into small businesses: 

Minority Health Consultants (MHC): Bringing health equity and equality to minority communities through education, prevention, policy and advocacy by tackling the social determinants of health of these communities.

CHW Mentorship Network: The Community Health Worker Mentorship Network aims to build the next generation of Community Health Workers (CHW) through mentorship and professional development. Our programs and services provide opportunities for Community Health Workers, Health Navigators, Promotoras, and those alike to enrich their contributions to public health and further develop as leaders.

AHP Writing & Editing Co. : assisting creatives with their book development needs, and can also provide writing, editing and proofreading when needed.


**Read more about Alisa and her experience in each of these areas under the 'Meet Alisa' section. 

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