Who We Help

About Us

Who We Are:

Minority Health Consultants (MHC) is a boutique public health firm that focuses on working with all stakeholders who have an initiative to change and improve the health of minority communities. MHC does this by bridging the gap between these stakeholders and the communities they serve through health education, prevention, and promotion. MHC believes that by addressing systemic effects that communities of color, low income populations and other marginalized communities face such as; access to health, stigma, disparities, and social determinants of health we can achieve equity and equality in health in America.

What We Do:

Through our team of public health and human service professionals, Community Health Workers and college interns we provide: workshops/classes, trainings, health program development, and community connections.

Who We Help: Stakeholders who provide health programming to the community, but have an emphasis in reaching minorities, such as:

  • Government Health Programs

  • Community Based Organizations

  • Nonprofits

  • For-Profits

  • Schools/Higher Ed

  • Hospital Programs

  • Faith-Based Organizations/Churches

  • Pharma