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Welcome to the Tea Talk Café. By Women, for Women.


"empowering conversations that embolden the modern woman”

Who We Are

We represent various shades and sizes of professional women and want to send a larger message of self-love, especially to our sisters of color who may sometimes feel overlooked and underrepresented.


The recognition for the need of interdependence amongst women 

Our Values

Love one another

Listen to one another

Embrace one another

Learn from one another

Liberate one another 

The Tea Talk Woman

A woman aspiring to be bold, and confident, walking with integrity and grace . She is admired because of her dedication to her community and her willingness to give back. Her friends love her because she shows herself friendly, she's supportive of them, caring, offers wise counsel and knows how to listen.  No matter her size or shape this woman is amazingly beautiful inside and out. She is dedicated to her dreams and goals & pursues them with passion & steadfastness. She walks with pride & honor.

The Tea Talk for Teens

Coming Soon!

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